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Aibo ERS-1000 Form Fitting Silicone Tag Collar


Custom designed by the Aibo-Accessories Design Studio for the ERS-1000, this form fitting silicone collar lets you add a vibrant splash of color and a name tag (not included) to your ERS-1000. 

Match it with the same (or different!) color Ear & Tail Set for a total aibo makeover.

Parts Included: Form fitting silicone tag collar (1x) with front closure

Material & Process: This collar is molded in soft a silicone material

Available Colors: High Tide (blue), Rose (pink), Samba (red)

Key Features: 

- Form fitting collar is designed from 3D scans of the ERS-1000 to ensure a perfect fit to your Aibo's neck, while staying out of the way of the head and legs during normal operation

- Special molded-in button allows you to depress the neck button on aibo without removing the collar

- Innovative front clasp design doubles as a loop for a name tag (not included)

- Lip on the bottom edge of the collar helps to keep it secured down to the neck while Aibo moves and does tricks

International Shipping: While most orders ship in 1-3 business days, please allow up to 1 week for fulfillment of international orders. International buyers will be responsible for import duties to be paid to local authorities.

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