Aibo Accessories

Aibo ERS-1000 Ear & Tail Set


Parts Included: Replica ERS-1000 Ear (2x) & Tail (1x)

Material & Process: Compression molded in flexible, 50A silicone, just like the original ears and tail

Available Colors: High Tide, Rose, Samba, Transparent

Notes: Directly from the Aibo-Accessories Design Studio, these parts are made with the same production process the original ERS-1000 ears and tail use. Designs inspired by the ERS-1000 and by using 3D scanning technology to ensure a perfect fit, a multi cavity compression molding tool was created to bring these parts to life. They will fit your ERS-1000 just as the originals do, but in a unique and different color that matches the unique personality of your aibo. 

International Shipping: While most orders ship in 1-3 business days, please allow up to 1 week for fulfillment of international orders. International buyers will be responsible for import duties to be paid to local authorities.

Instructions: For instructions on how to replace the ears and tail, please visit our knowledge base

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