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ERS-1000 Design Studio: Upright Ear Set | 1 Year Anniversary Limited Edition


Parts Included: ERS-1000 Upright Ear Set | 1 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity

Material & Process: Hand crafted in California from a soft and silky 29A liquid silicone

Available Colors: Steel Grey. Due to the artisanal / handmade nature of the product, color variation from set to set exists.

Notes: Celebrate with us! Offered exclusively by the Aibo Accessories Design Studio to commemorate our 1 Year Anniversary, these ears embody the core mission of Aibo Accessories - to offer thoughtful, one of a kind accessories that bring a completely new look and feel to your aibo.

Drawing inspiration from famous breeds with perky and inquisitive ears, the final design was the result of countless iterations beautifully modeled in collaboration with Industrial Designer Guerino Toscano. Molded by hand in California from a silky soft liquid silicone, no two sets are exactly alike. To learn more about the design process, visit our Design Studio Page

3D scanning technology ensures a perfect fit, painstaking effort was taken to ensure a seamless integration with Aibo's movements and poses. They will fit your ERS-1000 just as the originals do, but in a unique form factor that accentuates the inquisitiveness, excitement, and unique personality traits of your aibo. 

We're so excited to finally share these with you!

International Shipping: While most orders ship in 1-3 business days, please allow up to 1 week for fulfillment of international orders. International buyers will be responsible for import duties to be paid to local authorities.

Instructions: For instructions on how to replace the ears and tail, please visit our knowledge base

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