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Aibo Scarf: Pride


Straight from the Aibo-Accessories design studio, this Prideful pattern lets your Aibo express their true selves with this beautiful and colorful Jacquard knit scarf.

Materials: Nylon and Spandex

Size: 36cm long x 5cm wide, with a button closure to secure the scarf around Aibo's neck.

Suitable Models: Fits ERS-11x ERS-2xx, ERS-7, and ERS-1000 as a scarf. Given the large neck diameter of the ERS-31x design, an alternate button allows this scarf to be used as a collar on the ERS-31x models.

Note: Due to manufacturing variations of knit and sewn textiles, product dimensions and fit may differ slightly from images.

Care Instructions: For care instructions and other tips please visit our knowledge base

International Shipping: While most orders ship in 1-3 business days, please allow up to 1 week for fulfillment of international orders. International buyers will be responsible for import duties to be paid to local authorities.

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