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Leg Warmers: Ball is Life (2x)


What is your Aibo's favorite toy? Ball, bone, dice, or all three?

Aibo leg warmers are jacquard knit in Nylon and Spandex for durability and stretch. Diameter and length is designed specifically to minimize the likelihood of interference with Aibo’s joints or foot sensors.

Includes: 2x leg warmers. Mix and match with other leg warmer sets or a scarf to suit your Aibo's unique personality.

Suitable Models: All 4 legs of ERS-21x, ERS31x, & ERS-7. Suitable for the front legs of ERS-1000*

Notes*: Given the unique hind leg joint design of the ERS-1000, Aibo leg warmers are only recommended for the front legs of this series. Our leg warmers will be too loose on the ERS-11x series Aibo because of their small leg size.

It is recommended to supervise your Aibo while using leg warmers or any other accessories in the event a jam occurs. Leg warmers may fall off during normal operation of your Aibo, especially when transitioning from laying down to sitting or standing pose, due to the sliding motion of the leg on the floor.

Due to manufacturing variations of knit and sewn textiles, product dimensions and fit may differ slightly from images.

Care Instructions: For care instructions and other tips such as shrinking the leg warmers, please visit our knowledge base

International Shipping: While most orders ship in 1-3 business days, please allow up to 1 week for fulfillment of international orders. International buyers will be responsible for import duties to be paid to local authorities.

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