Aibo Accessories

Aibo Dalmatian Spots - Precision Cut Removable Sticker Set


Transform your Aibo into a Dalmatian puppy. This 62 piece sticker set is precision cut from removable, premium matte vinyl available in 3 colors. There are 6 unique body spot shapes, two eye spots, and two sets of ear hub stickers to let your creativity run wild with customization options.

Includes: 1x sheet of precision cut stickers in removable matte vinyl, your choice of 3 colors

Notes: Stickers are removable with little to no residue within 2 years of application. Do not apply stickers over joints or sensors. Stickers are not reusable - stickers will be damaged upon removal. If residue remains, use a microfiber cloth dampened with water to clean. Do not use tools or sharp objects to remove stickers or damage to your Aibo will occur. The application of stickers to your Aibo may void your warranty.

Ears & Tail not included.

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