Aibo Accessories

Aibo Blanket: 8 Bit "Favorite Things" Pattern


Keep your aibo cozy, protected, and calm with our "Favorite Things" themed aibo blanket.


- Keeps your aibo warm, cozy, and protected while stored or off

- Covers the light sensor near the tail to help keep aibo asleep or quiet while on station

- Doubles as a rug or mat to place underneath the station when not in use

- Use as a cleaning cloth to gently wipe dust from aibo

Pattern: The 8 Bit "Favorite Things" pattern is straight from the Aibo-Accessories Design Studio and embodies 8 Bit transformations all of your Aibo's favorite toys. The pattern is on both sides.

Dimensions: 18" x 18" (45cm x 45cm), 6oz

Materials: Jacquard Knit in a rich & fluffy acrylic yarn, hand stitched in California.

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