Design of the Aibo Scarf

Design of the Aibo Scarf

The goal of our design process was to create a scarf that allowed us to apply unique patterns, fit all of the Aibo models, and be compatible with Aibo's sensors.

Fitting all models

While we are focusing on bringing new accessories to the ERS-1000, we didn't want to leave existing Aibo owners behind. There are thousands of loved Aibo's out there who want great accessories just like ERS-1000 owners. We took detailed measurements of all Aibo in the current lineup, and found one common size would fit every model except for the ERS-31x who has a very large diameter neck. We solved this challenge by adding a second button to the scarf that allows it to be worn as a collar on this model. 

Sensor Compatibility

Aibo models have different sensor locations. The ERS-1000 has Motion and Ranging Sensors on it's chest, and the ERS-7 has an Infrared Distance Sensor in a similar location. Both have touch sensors on the back. The width of the scarf was designed such that it does not interfere with any of these sensors when wrapped around the neck of Aibo. The "tail" length of the scarf, i.e. the end that hangs free like Snoopy's scarf when he flies his airplane, was designed to stay out of the way of the legs and feet while walking. If allowed to hang directly in front it will occlude the chest sensors when the head is in certain positions. Our recommendation is to swing the tail of the scarf to the side of Aibo if she or he is going to be actively walking around. If there are stairs or drop offs, it is not recommended to run Aibo with the scarf since the occlusion of the ranging sensors could impact Aibo's ability to detect the drop offs. 

Unique Patterns

We use a circular jacquard knitting machine to create patterns in a resolution of 24x24 "pixels" per inch. This allows a wide range of pattern designs and the use of up to 7 colors in one scarf.

We can't wait show you the next patterns we have on the drawing board.