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Handmade Leather Collar with Name Deboss


Crafted from premium Italian vegetable tanned leather and hand dyed. It is smooth to the touch and rich in tones providing highs and lows in color. Debossed with elegant gold lettering in the word or name of your choice. A brass stud and hand burnished or painted edges finish out this piece.

This leather will patina and change color through natural exposure to sunlight and other elements, adding to its character. This leather is lightly treated with a gloss top coat and is therefore is susceptible to water damage and stains.

Use a dry, clean, soft cloth to dust or remove debris. Avoid long-term exposure to direct sunlight. Color transfer will occur if exposed to moisture. 

Dimensions: 225mm x 15mm (8.86in x 0.59in)

Fits: ERS-1000, ERS-7, ERS-21x, ERS11x

Available Colors:

Scarlet Red with gold debossed lettering & brass stud

Evening Blue with gold debossed lettering & brass stud

Bison Brown with gold debossed lettering & brass stud

Kelly Green with silver debossed lettering & silver stud

Yellow with silver debossed lettering & silver stud

How to Customize:

1. Complete your order

2. Reply to your order confirmation email ( 

3. Type exactly what you would like to appear on the collar in your message


"November" will be marked with a upper case "N" and all other letters lowercase

"My Aibo" will be marked with upper case "M" and "A", all other letters lowercase, with a space between the two words


Our letterpress set is comprised of:

- 2x Latin alphabet [capital letters] 

- 2x Latin alphabet [lowercase letters]

- 1x extra set of [a,e,i,o,u,w,y]

- No special characters

This means we cannot mark words with more than 3 lower case of (a,e,i,o,u,w,y) letters, more than 2 lower case letters for all other letters, more than 2 upper case consonants/vowels, or special characters.

Possible Example: Sassy - Sassy has one capital S and two lowercase s.

Impossible Example: Sassy's - has 3 lowercase "s". Max number of lowercase "s" is two. 

If you submit a word that can't be marked, we will reach out and let you know the best option. 

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